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Miss Kirsty Ratcliffe

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Park PRU. 

Park PRU is well on it's way to becoming a Centre of Excellence.

Feeling safe, secure and being successful is at the heart of our ethos. 

Many of our pupils here have found it difficult in mainstream but develop a new attitude towards education.  We have a proven system of rewards and incentives, underpinned by strong structures and boundaries so that everyone develops self belief and sees themselves as a successful citizen.  With radically smaller classes, Park PRU offers opportunities to really know a pupil's needs and build relationships.  We are staffed by highly qualified and experienced teachers and staff who have expertise in dealing with SEND and social, emotional, mental health and behavioural difficulties.  We have access to support from professionals such as Educational Psychologists, CAMHS, Children's Services, Early Help, etc. 

Our website is designed to give you as much information as possible about the many activities and opportunities which take place in our school. Our aim is to do the very best for children by creating a productive and nurturing environment which can allow their individuality and uniqueness to flourish.
Childhood is a very special and wonderful time and no one gets a second chance at it.

We are very conscious that education is a partnership between home and school. We believe children are happiest and learn more effectively when there is a strong partnership between home and school. 

We are always delighted to see you and we trust that with your help your child will be a happy, well-educated and cherished member of our school.

Latest News

June '22
Please Note: Our website is currently undergoing review.

July '22
Cost of Living Crisis
For parents/carers of pupils in need of help. 

The following link can be shared with your families who need help with food and fuel  

January 2022
Covid-19 update
As part of our return to school, we are requesting that consenting key stage 3 pupils take one self-test at school when they return on Wednesday 5th January and a second test on Friday 7th January. Pupils will then continue to test twice weekly. Additionally, we will require key stage 3 pupils to wear masks in communal areas. 

December 2021
Covid-19 update
Following the news of the recent Omicron variant. We are strongly advising that Key Stage 3 pupils wear face coverings in comunal areas. KS3 pupils will continue to test twice weekly and govenement guidelines will be followed around self-isolation. 

Christmas period
Please find the following below if you would like to receive support with your food over the festive period:

Foodbanks – Bradford Foodbanks

Please visit the link below for winter advice, support and self-care tips in the Bradford district:
Winter booklet (

September 2021
Welcome back after the summer break to another fantastic year ahead at Park PRU. We hope you all enjoyed the well earned break and hopefully we can start to move forward this year with little restrictions and interruption. Teachers have lots of fantastic lessons, activities, experiential learning and trips planned to enrich pupil's learning for this year as well as our regular half termly Tuesday activities at Doe Park. 

Park PRU - COVID 19 Risk Assessment

Updated version from January 2022 can be found in the policies section.

Key Stage 3 pupils will continue to test twice weekly. 
Please read the documentation on our news and events page for guidance over the coming weeks.

If you have any queries or concerns during this time please email one of the emergency contacts below:


Park Primary PRU

Park Primary PRU

Avenue Road
West Bowling

Tel: 01274 735298

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